Monday, May 26, 2014

Arches Night & Day

There was a heavy thunder storm around Arches National Park on May 23.  I got there about the time the sun set.  I wish I had more time (light) to photograph the water. 

The brightest Camelopardalid meteor I was able to photograph was during one of my test exposures.  I saw a few but not where I had my camera pointed.  

There was evidence of flooding all through the park the next morning and Delicate Arch was closed due to flooding. I was on the road when the storm hit.  It was pretty heavy rain for this area.  

The long exposure not only gave the clouds a little motion effect it also removed the two people playing around in the arch (Photoshop not needed). 

When I was young I tried to catch every lizard I saw.  Now I just photograph them.  The lizards seem to like me much more now.  

Though there was a big storm just before sunset, the sky cleared up before midnight.  There was a canyon wren nearby singing the whole time (till 2:30 a.m.) and toads were out calling after the rain.  It was a beautiful night in the desert.