Sunday, January 22, 2012

Almond Cookies

I first bought almond cookies at this shop in Macau.  I bought them mainly because this man let me take a few pictures of him making them.  I didn't eat the cookies until the next day when I was in Guangdong, China.  They were very dry and crumbly but I loved them.  I wished I had bought more than I did but it was too late.  Since then I have often bought them at a local Chinese grocery store.  I always get the ones made in Macau because that reminds me of this shop where I first bought them.  I have made a tradition of buying some to take into work to share for Chinese New Year.  This year the local Chinese store does not have any made in Macau.  The only kind they have are made in China.  They are cheaper than the ones made in Macau.  I am sure they will taste every bit as good and I will still think of this little shop in Macau but I would still pay more just to have some made in Macau.  

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