Monday, April 2, 2012

Impressions of Weeds

This photo reminds me of a painting.  It's not Photoshopped except for the frame.  Early last summer I broke my clavicle when the top buckle on one of my roller blades popped open sending me summersaulting into bushes and rocks on the side of a hill.  I began taking short hikes in the evening since I couldn't ride my bike as usual.  It had been a wet spring and the grasses had grown very tall.  Some of the grasses were blooming.  Very small flowers dangling from the little brushes at the top.  I had never seen grasses bloom like that before or maybe just never noticed.  Some of the grasses were reddish orange and looked wonderful in the evening light.  When I first saw this patch of grass I took a few pictures with my phone and was surprised how much I liked them.  I went back the next evening with my camera.  I used a slow shutter speed to capture the motion of the grass blowing in the wind.  I like the feel of this photo but I am not sure if others will like it or not.  


  1. It's nice to read the story behind the image, Ross. I like it even more. A humble and subtle beauty.

  2. Thanks Lahn. It's not easy to judge my own work. The images are so connected with memories of the events, times and places. I'm sure I see my photos a little different than others do. It's always nice when others find them interesting too.