Saturday, August 11, 2012

Costa Rica Colors

The dominant color in Costa Rica is green.  
Things that are not green appear extra vivid in Costa Rica. 

Red-Eyed Tree Frog

When taking this photo an old local man tapped me on the shoulder and told me 
"There are real girls down on the beach."

I love paper bark trees.
The colors and patterns
are so interesting.


 Violet Sabrewing - The largest hummingbird in Costa Rica

 Eyelash Pitviper

 Cemetery Entrance

 Arenal EcoZoo (El Serpentarium - El Castillo, Costa Rica)

Leaf Cutter Ants

Playa Domincalito

 Street Art

Red-backed Squirrel Monkey

You know you're in an interesting place when sloths and monkeys might be seen crossing the road.


  1. Nice to see the photos grouped in b & w and in color. Wonderful, enchanting images here. There is that stunning frog! Also the hummingbird and the snake really stand out for me... especially the snake.

  2. I knew I would see lots of animals in Costa Rica but I had a short list of critters I really wanted to see. The Eyelash Pitviper was tops on my list. This was a little one and it out on this wall for quite a while. It didn't move much so I have a ton of nearly identical pictures of it. I tried to get pictures of it's eye and eyelash (that's really a pointy scale above it's eye) but I'm not happy with how they turned out. Thanks Lahn.