Sunday, February 10, 2013

Western Australian Plants

I find the plants in Australia very interesting.  I'm not a botanist but I do pay attention to the natural world and it's easy to see that plants down under are much different than the plants I'm used to seeing.  

I am a bit disappointed in these photos.  Most were taken in the harsh light of mid day so I knew the photo's weren't going to be great but I also used new lens with a focal length and f-stop that gave a much shallower depth of field than expected.  No excuses, just lessons learned.  



  1. Which part of Australia can I travel to find these exotic plants? and how many days of travel tour do i need ?

  2. These photos were all taken in Western Australia within a few days drive from Perth. As far north as Shark Bay and southeast to Albany. You don't need to go that far though. Driving north from Perth as soon as I got out of the city I was amazed at the varieties of plants. The ecosystems seem to change every few minutes. There are a couple of famous drives just north of Perth called the Wildflower Way. That would be fantastic during the peak months of August and September. There are exotic plants all over Australia. The southwest corner of Australia is especially known for plant diversity. If you travel that far to get there you'll want to spend more than a few days there.