Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Wave

I started hiking early and got to the Wave when it was still in the shadows.  
It was nice to watch the morning sun spill over the sandstone.  
I was wearing a Buff that said National Geographic on it.  
I just got it, mainly to cover up my hair when camping and I can't shower in the morning.
I was asked by a few hikers if I worked for National Geographic.  I wish.
There was a group of Chinese students that had a GoPro on a remote controlled... well I'll call it a drone.  
They got photos from interesting angles.  Too bad there was some guy wearing 
a National Geographic Buff waving at the camera in their shots.
It's funny how much I can enjoy laying on my belly in wet sand on a chilly morning 
as long as I have my camera in my hands.
 A formation called The Second Wave.
A couple from Germany asked me where to find the Big Mac formation.
I have no idea.  They said it looks just like a Big Mac.
An strange deviation in the patterns of the Wave.  
It's fun to think about the processes that might have form this.  The laying down of sediments, 
pressures turning it to stone, upheaval of the area, wind and water erosion.  
Somewhere in there some kind of geological turbulence bent, cracked and twisted this section.
Leaves floating in a shallow puddle on the way to the Wave.  


  1. so enjoyed these stunning imags and your captions, ross... fantastic!!

  2. Thanks Lahn, I appreciate your comments.