Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Virgin River

At the end of December I went to Zion National Park to get away from the cold and spend some time outside. I went mainly to hike to Observation Point. It was a great hike. I enjoyed it even more than Angels Landing. While I was there I spent a few hours taking long exposure photos along the Virgin River. I was having some technical problems that frustrated me for awhile. I believe the problem was cause be a very cheap wireless remote release that I carry as a backup. The battery went dead in my Nikon wireless remote so I used my cheap backup. I think it was activating twice every time (or most every time) I pressed the button. Not good when trying to take a 60 second exposure by pressing once to start the exposure and a second time to end it. I had a spare battery for the remote too but just grabbed the spare remote instead. Oh well, my intentions were to just practice long exposures anyways. I did learn from the problems I was having and it was fun.  

I tried to find places where there was no one else around but I every time I setup my tripod within minutes there would be a dozen other people around trying to get the same shot. That's okay, I like seeing other people enjoying photography too. 


  1. hi ross, enjoyed my last visit to zion national park. it was a very long time ago so don't remember much but do know its majestic beauty as i see in your fantastic photos. i find running water very soothing. also reminds me of the value of non-resistance, flowing with what is, adapting to whatever is in its path. something i need to remember repeatedly, especially nowadays.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog Lahn. I am rediscovering Zion. I've been there many times but usually just stopping for a few hours on my way to somewhere else. I need to slow down while I'm there and go a little deeper into the park.