Wednesday, January 25, 2017


There was a photo contest at the end of the expedition to Antarctica on our ship the Akademik Sergey Vavilov.  The expedition's photographer, another professional photographer and a few others on the staff were the initial judges they sorted through over 1000 entries and selected 5 photos for each of 4 categories.  I entered a dozen photos with at least 1 in each category.  The passengers then selected the winners based on applause.  Of the 20 finalist photos selected be the judges, 5 were mine with at least one in every category.  None of mine were selected as winners by the passengers' applause but I still felt pretty good knowing that 1/4 of the photos chosen by the judges were mine.  Here are a few I entered along with a few others I've worked on since I got home.
Gentoo Penguins at Fort Point

Just off Cuvehrville Island

Blue-Eyed Shags at Paradise Bay

Giant Petrel - Antarctic Sound

Fort Point - A beautiful day at a beautiful place!

Gentoo chick at Fort Point

Feeding time at Fort Point

Antarctic Sound

Albatross on New Island, Falklands

This was my campsite at Leith Cove

King Penguins on Westpoint Island, Falklands

Near Gourdin Islands

Rock Hopper Penguins on Westpoint Island, Falklands

Baby Gentoo talking back to it's dad at Brown Bluff 

New Year's Eve at about 11:00 p.m. Antarctic Sound

Adelie Penguins 

Chinstrap Penguin sleeping


  1. Absolutely fantastic photos, Ross. Congrats on getting them recognized; well deserved. I dream about taking some of the trips you go on!


  2. Great photos, definitely they are winners for me! You should post on National Geography's website.