Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Rapa Nui

With the fantastic native name of Rapa Nui, I don't know why anyone would call it Easter Island.
 Ahu Tongariki at Sunrise

Rano Raraku

Ranu Kao

 Most of the Moai and Ahu look like this now.

  Ahu Tongariki as seen from Rano Raraku.

 The remains of one of the roads or tracks used to move the moai.

 View from Orongo

  Ahu Tongariki

 Many of the moai never made it to their ahu and are left laying all over Rapa Nui.

Rano Raraku - the "Factory" or "Nursery" where the moai were carved.


  1. Hi Ross, absolutely fantastic pictures! Looks like an amazing place! Shame we didn't include this island in our tour!
    Maybe one day :)

  2. Thanks Eleni. I hope you do make it to Rapa Nui one day!