Monday, January 4, 2016

Torres del Paine NP, Chile

Here are a few photos of Torres del Paine National Park in Chile.

Los Cuernos del Paine from Lake Grey

Glacier Grey

Morning view of Torres del Paine from EcoCamp

On the trail to the towers base

It was foggy and snowing when we got to the base of the towers. We couldn't see the towers. After eating lunch we were wet and cold and the group decided to head back. As we packed up it began to clear a little. I waited around as the others headed down the trail. It did clear up and soon the others were back with me taking pictures.  

I enjoyed everything about Torres del Paine and would love to go back. However what I enjoyed most was the people I met at EcoCamp. I usually don't join tours or groups when traveling but I might start doing it more often. I met awesome people from around the world. I wish all the people I met at EcoCamp were my neighbors. I do like to think of them as neighbors. Just wish we could all get to get together for dinner again.  



  1. Hi Ross, we are also soooo glad to having met you in EcoCamp!!! Dinner together seems like a wonderful idea... (by the way, in Rio we met Eleni and Simon again and had a lovely evening)

    We wish you a great new year! Best wishes from Germany, Sonja & Carsten

    P.S.: How was the weather in El Chaltén?

  2. Hello Sonja and Carsten. It is great to hear from you! I'm glad you got so see Eleni and Simon in Rio. Wish I could have been there too.
    The weather in El Chaltén was great and I really enjoyed the hikes but I was all by myself there. I missed the group at EcoCamp.
    Thanks for the new year wishes and I hope you both have a wonderful new year as well.

    Please stay in touch!